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Our Team.


Founder, CEO

Blake Thompson


Director of Sales & Installation

Greg Andersen


Director of Marketing & Operations

Caleb Killian

Eastern Carolinas Synthetic Turf is a family-owned business that was founded in Raleigh, NC, and serves the Raleigh/Durham triangle to Wilmington and beyond.


“As a North Carolina native, I experienced the difficulty of keeping a traditional grass lawn alive in the summer under the scorching sun and heat, and green in the winter when temperatures often dip below freezing. This alone made me wish for a better solution. Not to mention the constant use of chemicals to keep my yard weed-free and the time spent on weekends mowing and caring for the lawn. 


After learning more about the technological advancements in the turf industry and how far synthetic turf has come in terms of realistic look and feel, longevity, and environmentally conscious production methods and materials, I became an advocate for synthetic turf as an alternative to traditional grass and wanted to build a business around that passion.”


- Blake Thompson, CEO




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