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Bio-Based collection

Leading the industry in sustainability, SYNLawn's USDA Certified Bio-Based collection is the first line of artificial grass made entirely from plant-based materials.

Image 1 - AX47.jpeg
Image 2 - AX47.jpeg

SYNAugustine X47

A TOP SELLER, this grass variety rises above the competition with the safest and softest turf blades and incredible durability. Featuring Super Yarn™ technology, the multi-color grass blades and dense thatch combine to make this the #1 contender.

Image 3 - A347.jpeg
Image 4 - A347.jpeg

SYNAugustine 347

SYNLawn’s softest, most realistic, most comfortable variety of grass with beautiful multi-colored grass blades incorporating Super Yarn™ Technology. This grass takes the lead in comfort, strength, and realistic natural turf aesthetics.

Image 5 - A547.jpeg
Image 6 - A547.jpeg

SYNAugustine 547

USDA Certified Bio-based Product using Super Yarn™ technology and renewable sugarcane to create a soft, environmentally friendly artificial grass variety that is as stunning as it is sustainable and economical.

SYNTipede Collection

Recommended for almost any landscape, pet or playground application imaginable thanks to the versatility and performance of this durable turf design.

Image 7 - T343.jpeg
Image 8 - T343.jpeg

SYNTipede 343

Offering superior durability in high foot traffic areas sets this artificial grass variety apart from the rest of the pack — ideal turf for a multitude of applications where durability and reliability matter.

Image 9 - T243.jpeg
Image 10 - T243.jpeg

SYNTipede 243

When performance matters, this turf delivers a low-profile pile height and heavy-duty Super Yarn™ grass blades. This artificial grass provides strength and resiliency not commonly found in competitor turf varieties.

SYNRye Collection

Offering an ASTM E108 Class A fire rating, this turf variety is ideal for rooftops, indoor walls and a multitude of Commercial applications

Image 11 - R200.jpeg
Image 12 - R200.jpeg

SYNRye 200

Unmatched safety and performance make this the perfect turf for high-traffic foot areas, including office buildings and schools. ASTM CERTIFIED E108 CLASS A FIRE-RATING with HeatBlock™ and UV protection reflecting light, which can damage surfaces.

To view all SYNLawn products and read further specifications of the products listed here,

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